international transport, domestic transport, small-package cargo transport

Omega Transport is a transport firm characterized by the diversity of the services offered. We have extensive facilities and a modern, adaptable fleet.

We invite you to use our transport services. Our drivers possess all the relevant permits, including also those required for the transportation of hazardous materials (ADR).
Our team is included in a training system designed to permanently improve their qualifications in the field of domestic and international transport.
We assist you in selecting the optimum logistical solutions to always meet your expectations. Thanks to many years of our experience we can effectively adjust our services to various financing options. We advise you in selecting the vehicles and transport routes. We take care of the safety of all cargo entrusted to us and we will deliver it in a timely fashion to the appointed destination.
We have cargo insurance cover of up to €200,000 for each event.
Upon a request from the Client to transport a dedicated cargo, our insurer offers either one-off or multiple insurance for any amount exceeding the general insurance cover.

Offer in brief:

  • domestic transport
  • international transportation
  • transport drobnicowy
  • Extensive transport facilities and fleet
  • suitable truck fleet
  • relevant permits and certificates
  • transport of hazardous materials (ADR)
  • selection of logistic solutions
  • advising on selection of appropriate vehicles and routes
  • well-qualified personnel
  • perfect service

We guarantee a high quality fleet and well-qualified staff, experienced in carrying cargoes on the following routes:

international transportation

The firm provides international transportation services to:

  • Germany,
  • Austria,
  • Slovakia,
  • the Czech Republic,
  • Croatia,
  • Hungary,
  • France,
  • Italy,
  • Benelux,
  • Sweden,
  • Romania.

Domestic transport

Our fleet is composed of vehicles which can carry any load to the appointed destination within Poland. Irrespective of whether the task involves small packages or larger items, we will carry them to any destination accessible by road.

Small-package cargo transport

We carry small, lightweight packages speedily and inexpensively. The cargo is permanently monitored by the forwarders and our modern fleet guarantees delivery to the Client on the agreed date.