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Over 20 years of experience in transport services, with well-qualified staff, and a modern transport fleet. These are the chief assets of the Omega Transport firm which underpins our popularity in the goods transportation market, and fortifies the excellent reputation we have among our Clients.

The firm started trading in 1993. Since the very beginning, we have focused on having an individual approach to every Client. This approach has allowed us to increase our popularity at the expense of our competitors in the domestic market. By the same token it gave us the possibility to develop, purchase a modern fleet, and implement numerous innovations.
In 2004 we expanded our offer by adding international transport services to our portfolio. We have all the relevant licences for carrying goods in both domestic and international transport markets.
We are renowned for the timely execution of orders/contracts and the safety of transported goods. We pay the upmost attention to optimizing routes, and monitor the travel time of our vehicles.
A dedicated system has been introduced to allow us to determine the lowest cost of transport, as well as to match the type and size of the transport assets to the requirements of the Client.
We use only modern equipment operated by well-qualified personnel.

Our chief assets

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • well-qualified staff
  • modern fleet
  • individual approach to each Client
  • timely implementation of orders
  • safety of cargoes
  • optimization of routes
  • flexibility in adjusting to the requirements of the Client

To all clients who have entrusted us to carry their cargoes, we are very grateful for your confidence and the trust you have shown in us.

You are welcome to cooperate.

Omega Transport